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Flexi Tanks

For better durability, The FlexiTanks are individually sewn and built with 2-4 layers of 5-40 mil. (48-950 Microns) low-density U.S.-made food grade PE liner tubes. These tubes are placed one inside the other with an additional extremely rugged external abrasion-resistant safety sleeve. These tubes are completely independent of each other except where the stainless steel and aluminum fittings are bolted through all layers. They are extruded at temperatures above the required standards to sterilize the interior. This is the first step in manufacturing a true food and pharmaceutical-grade FlexiTank. The FlexiTank is unique in design and superior to any other FlexiTank on the market.

The FlexiTank features a patented stainless and composite inlet/outlet coupling device that is pressure formed to the flexi-tank. This prevents the leakage typically found in the product design of other industry products. To greatly increase your confidence in shipping sensitive liquid cargo, like wine and edible oils, also offers an additional oxygen eliminating outer layer to serve as a temperature buffer. 

Every Flexi Tank is tested twice in production to ensure it meets our highest standards. They have a history of never leaking in a variety of demanding global applications. The Flexi Tank instills confidence that any valuable liquid cargo will arrive safely and uncontaminated.

Flexi Tank
Transport & Logistics Benefits

•    Quick, simple fitting - saves loading time and cost.
•    Easy to load and discharge without a forklift
•    Return loads not necessary
•    Compatible with non-hazardous chemicals

•    Reliable and dependable.

Cost Benefits

•    Reduced labor costs of handling, filling and loading
•    More economical than tank containers, non-collapsible drums and totes (IBCs)
•    Higher payloads possible with low weight
•    Higher payloads mean lower freight costs
•    20-ft. container payload is 15% more than IBCs
•    20-ft. container payload is 44% more than drums

Unique Design Benefits

•    Most stringent multistep quality-controlled manufacturing in the industry
•    Through-bolted 316 stainless steel and aluminum load and vent fittings
•    Manufactured by ISOTanks and their partner in our ISO 9001-2000 facility from U.S.-made film and valve components
•    Patented liner manufacturing method
•    Patented bulkhead system is quick, easy to install, and comes standard
•    Optional patented temperature control unit
•    Tested 100% germ-free units available

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